Hail! It's been a long year in the making, but High Council is proud to finally & officially announce the release of Held in Contempt. The album will be released through our new friends at Polish heavy metal label Via Nocturna records, and will be available April 30th worldwide. (Our fans in the US will have a chance to get their hands on it before that though, so stay tuned for another announcement soon!) In the meantime, feast your ears on "Congress With The Beast", the first single and thrilling tale of how we may or may not have sold our souls to The Devil to get this deal... 



Mixing has begun! In the meantime, enjoy this epic press photo, courtesy of The French Fry :


Work in the studio continues. Conditions are hard... morale is low. The men say we may run out of beer soon. It may be that we are all doomed. DOOMED. In the meantime, check out our next show with NWOBHM progenitors RAVEN! 




Added the Spotify button to our little widget jam on the side of the page. Please help us reach our goal of 1 MILLION PLAYS on Spotify by clicking on it! ONE MILLION PLAYS


The campaign continues! "Held in Contempt" is cruising along, & should be completed sometime in April. In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for some pics and videos of us either rocking out or screwing up and getting yelled at. And check out the calendar page as we hit the road in April to transition out of studio mode.


Happy New Year you metalhead scoundrels! As the cruel hand of time ticks on, High Council does not go quietly, opting instead to begin work on our 5th studio release: Held In Contempt. Working once again with producer/engineer Dino DiDomenico, excitement is high for some truly over-the-top metal wretchedness, so stay tuned. Additionally, check our calendar page for some upcoming shows in March, and the photo gallery for some newly uploaded photos from last year's ball-blastering show with Alestorm. 


Next Show!


Had a blast on our June Powerweekend & July 4th secret show featuring Drunk Council. Working on new material, and we will have a big announcement soon! In the meantime, catch us with folk-metal bardslayers Wilderun in September. (Check calendar page for details).




Tour date added for 6/18 in Hanover, PA! Check the Calendar page for details!


Plans for summer tour in the works! In the meantime, check out this epic metal jacket sighting from out last show. Maybe we'll start a gallery once we spot some more. 


Next show: January 30th with some great metal bands! Check the "Calendar" page for details.


November shows announced! Check out our "Calendar" page for all details. 


A long overdue update! Thanks to Subterfuge, Aether Realm, and Wilderun. It was a great show, and we were stoked to be part of the Aether Realm/Wilderun tour experience on 7/2 at Jack's Twin Bar in Gloucester City. 

Another thanks to everyone who attended the July 4th party/show. It was awesome! Pics are up in the Photo page, but here's Steve flying solo on the National Anthem, by request.





Show announced for July 2nd with Folk/Pagan metal road-warriors Aether Realm and Wilderun! Check the "Calendar" page for more info. 



Live pics from the show at Red Dwarf Studios added to the photo page.


Show confirmed for Apr 17th! With Cheap Dinosaurs, Dudikoff, and special guest, JOHN HENRY! Check out the shows page for more info.


Live photos from KotoriCon 2015 added to the photo page.


Thanks to everyone who came out to see us play at KotoriCon 2015, and everyone who stopped by to hang out at our merch table afterward. We had an awesome time! Pics coming soon, and we hope to see you all again next year!


New website launches! At long last, the Council has a new home on the web. Check out the fully stocked audio page where you can stream all of our discography and bask in the majesty of metal.

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The Writ

From the abandoned asylums and haunted pine barrens of South Jersey comes High Council, an interminable force with one foot in Hell and the other crushing the throat of mediocrity. For years, High Council has been bludgeoning its loyal fans with ferocious epics of riff-fueled neoclassic rock-metal. Consisting of Bob Saunders, Greg "Wolfman Vegas" McKeever, Steve Donahue, and Lou Di Domenico, High Council has released four studio EPs and has mangled audiences at venues all around the greater northeast, consolidating their power in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. The Council is currently recording their 5th studio offering, "Held In Contempt", with an eye to spread this God-forsaken madness to the rest of the world.