Motion Denied

by High Council

Released 2007
Released 2007
When the world is consumed by Ragnarok, this album will fly screaming from the underworld to judge the fallen.
High Council's second offering is five tracks of uncompromising epic majesty. From the melancholy opening of "Samsul's Blizzard" to the heart-bursting finale of "Apocolyosyntosis" , Motion Denied is stuffed thick with memorable vocal harmonies, shredding dual leads, and pounding yet unconventional rhythms. High Council once again showcases their wide range of moods and talents, this time with longer, fully fleshed compositions of extraordinary magnitude. Lyrically, each song is a self contained story brought to life by powerful intertwining vocal lines that soar over a monstrous metal attack. Overall, Motion Denied represents the next stage in evolution for High Council.


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The Writ

From the abandoned asylums and haunted pine barrens of South Jersey comes High Council, an interminable force with one foot in Hell and the other crushing the throat of mediocrity. For years, High Council has been bludgeoning its loyal fans with ferocious epics of riff-fueled neoclassic rock-metal. Consisting of Bob Saunders, Greg "Wolfman Vegas" McKeever, Steve Donahue, and Lou Di Domenico, High Council has released four studio EPs and has mangled audiences at venues all around the greater northeast, consolidating their power in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. 


The Council has recently released its 5th studio offering, Held In Contempt, on Via Nocturna Records, with an eye to spread this God-forsaken madness to the rest of the world.